Design Approach

Our Approach

> Technical Aspects

Lighting is often described as the balance between ‘art and science’. At idea-z, we combine a creative and innovative approach to lighting design with the backing of a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of lighting.

> Interior Vision

We work closely with the interior designer, architect and client to produce a number of concept options to ensure a design is produced in keeping with their interior vision.

> Architectural Intent

Each space is different, on approach we take into account the clients brief, architectural intent and building or space function to produce a design which balances the important criteria in lighting design. These comprise of aesthetic appeal, ergonomic function and practicality (ie. energy efficiency, maintenance and useability).

> Detailed Analysis

On approach to a project a detailed analysis of each space or structure is firstly undertaken. This comprises of an analysis of the important views and features of the space, its form of the structure, the architectural intent and interior style. From this a number of lighting design concepts are produced and discussed with the design team and client before a final concept lighting design is chosen.